Boys of Richland

The Savage

I know her as the unconscious girl I found bleeding out on the locker room floor.

I got her help. I saved her life.

The next time I see her, she makes it clear she wants nothing to do with me.

Too bad.

I didn’t go through the trouble of saving her life just for her to throw it away again.

She doesn’t know it yet but I’m about to be her new best friend.

The Striker

I can’t be fixed, no matter how hard he tries.

Gabriel Herrera saved my life.

He picked up all my broken pieces and tried to put me back together again.

But life doesn’t work that way.

And PacNorth’s star striker deserves more than a hot mess like me.

So, I pushed him away. I swore I didn’t love him back.

I lied right through my teeth.

It was for his own good.

Then Gabriel suggests we casually hook up. It’s a bad idea, right?

F$*k it. It’s fine.