Hellbound Hearts

Wicked Wolves and Tangled Truths

Isabella is a shapeshifter without a Pack.

Torn from her home and forced to live with her human father, Isa has become the one thing every shifter dreads.

A lone wolf in an unknown territory.

If she wants to survive the year, she’ll need to keep her head down.

Which is easier said than done when, on her first day in town, she catches the attention of Rafael Castillo—Hellbound High’s Alpha Heir. He’s hot as hell but runs cold as ice. And more important, he’s determined to make Isa’s life hell.

But if she thought the local wolves were all she needed to worry about, she’s in for a rude awakening when she realizes being a lone wolf doesn’t just make her an outcast.

It makes her fair game.

Savage Wolves and Dangerous Deals

This is her shot at a free pass.

Joaninha is leaving town first thing in the morning and wants one night to break the rules. A party and a hot night with a sexy stranger sound like the perfect way to kiss El Paso, Texas goodbye.

But Jo gets more than she bargained for when the sexy stranger she spends the night with is one of Hellhound’s Highs infamous wolves, and he gives her a going away present she can never forget.

Eighteen months later, life throws her another curveball and Jo and her mystery wolf cross paths, only this time, she has a secret.

One that will change both of their lives for better or worse.

Cruel Wolves and Devious Deceptions

Desmond Pierce is a wolf above Alpha’s, and officially off limits.

If coming from different clans wasn’t reason enough for Meiying to stay away from him, his connection to her brother is but ignoring the wolf is impossible when every time they’re in the same room, he needles his way under her skin, demanding her attention.

She hates him. And he hates her.

But as tensions rise between the two, so does their chemistry, and eventually Meiying will have to decide if hate is all she feels for the infuriating wolf, or if there is something more.