Boys of Sun Valley High

Wicked Devil

After losing my mom, I’m forced to move in with a father I barely know. All I want is to get through the school year unnoticed, graduate, and move on. But the moment I step into Sun Valley High, I become a target.

Roman Valdez, star receiver and king of the school, sees me as a distraction from his football dreams. He can’t afford distractions, so he makes sure everyone knows how much he despises me. The entire school follows his lead, turning my life into a living hell.

But Roman can’t seem to leave me alone. One minute he’s hot, the next he’s ice cold, keeping me constantly on edge. When his actions push me to the breaking point and I end up hurt, Roman realizes his mistake. But by then, it’s too late.

In a town where football reigns supreme and change is unwelcome, can the Devil of Sun Valley High find redemption? Or will he lose the only girl who’s ever challenged him and shattered his defenses?

Savage Devil

USA Today bestselling author Daniela Romero delivers a steamy enemies to lovers romance about a football f*ck boy and the good girl who decides for one night, it’s okay to be bad.

One night. No names. No numbers. That was our agreement. One night of passion, then I’d leave town without a trace, no regrets.

But a year and a half later, I’m back, carrying a secret that could shatter everything. The guy from that reckless night? He’s not just anyone—he’s football royalty, one of Sun Valley’s notorious Devils.

I didn’t tell him I was moving away. And he’s not the type to take rejection lightly. I learn that lesson quickly when I run into him at my new school, Sun Valley High. Home of the Devils. Now, he’s on a mission to teach me why crossing a Devil is the worst mistake you can make.

Cruel Devil

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Daniela Romero comes an angsty enemies-to-lovers romance between a broody jock and his best friend’s little sister.

Dominique Price.
Good looking.
Football-God and my brother’s best friend.

He hates me.
He wants me.
He can never have me.
Everything comes so easy for him.

I refuse to be just another game for him to win.

Cruel Promise

Grief is a fickle bi*ch, and I’ll do anything to escape her.
That includes sleeping with my brother’s very off-limits best friend.

Dominique Price wants me.
My body. My mind. My soul.
And he can have me.
Behind closed doors and away from prying eyes.
As long as helps me forget my pain, and promises to stay the hell away from my heart, I’ll be his.
And for a short while, he’ll be mine.

But, we’re playing a dangerous game. One whose rules are swiftly being ignored.
I want him. Need him. Might even be addicted to him.

Only, happily ever after was never in the cards for us.
And it looks like I’m the idiot who forgot that.